0.50% APY High Yield Federally Insured Account*

Simple, Secure & Under Your Control

The F99 Bank Card bundles your daily banking and investing needs, all while helping local communities build generational wealth.

Debit card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Why F99 Bank Card

No Credit Check, No Overdrafts, No Worries. Build generational wealth, manage your daily banking and investments, and work with a financial coach with the F99 Bank Card.

No Account Fees

Mobile App Based Management

Community Reinvestment

Free Financial Coach Sessions

No Account Minimum

Easy Transfer

No Hidden Fees

Easy and Contactless Payment

F99 Bank Accounts and Rates

No Account Minimums. No monthly maintenance fees. Competitive rates.

Federally Insured Account

Earn a higher rate with the ability to access your money at any time


Annual Percentage Yield



*Federally insured rate as of 03-03-2022

**Tier 1: 0.05% APY. Tier 2: 0.50% APY. Tier 2 requires 15 transactions

Short Duration Account



30-Day Sec Yield



*30-day SEC yield with a rate as of 03-23-2022

Long Duration Account



30-Day SEC Yield



*30-day SEC yield with a rate as of 03-23-2022

All investments have the potential risk for profit or loss. Different types of investments involve higher and lower levels of risk. There is no guarantee that a specific investment or strategy will be suitable or profitable for an investor’s portfolio.

Our mobile app gives you easy access to your accounts.

F99 Accounts vs. Other Bank Accounts

Earn a rate that’s 16x the national average with F99 accounts*

We are committed to bringing financial literacy to underserved communities by providing them with the proper education and tools necessary to put themselves and their families in a better place financially.

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How To Open An Account


“Click “Open Account”


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the F99 Bank Card Account?
The F99 Bank Card Account is an integrated banking, investment, and payments account – noting you have the option but no obligation to invest. The F99 Bank Card Account provides immediate access to both your Federally Insured Account and investment accounts to create a unique, optimal form of cash management that empowers you with the potential to earn far greater returns on your money than the average bank account provides. The F99 Bank Card provides immediate access to both your available FDIC and invested funds for routine debit card spending – all at no cost to you.

The traditional bank model invests your money and keeps the investment returns. The F99 Bank Card Account is simple but different: you invest your money – and you keep the investment returns. You worked hard for your money, now its time to let your money work for you.

What is a Federally Insured Account?
Your funds in the Federally Insured Account are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The Federally Insured Account pays a higher rate than the average checking or savings account.
What is the difference between my accounts?
Account and – only if you choose to invest – a brokerage account linked to specific investments such as ultrashort and/or short bond funds. The funds in your investment accounts are invested and therefore are subject to market fluctuations; there is a risk of loss and these funds are not federally insured.

Your first account is intended for funds that you plan to use for routine expenses, such as groceries, gas, utility bills, and mortgage payments. Your second account is suited for funds you can invest for 6-12 months. Your third account is suited for funds you can invest for 12+ months. You can access or transfer funds whenever you like and in the amount you choose without paying penalties or fees. You determine how much to put into each account depending on your spending and investing needs. You can access all of your available funds in the event of an unexpected expense.

What do Tier 1 and Tier 2 mean?
We use the following terms to explain how we calculate the earnings credit you earn on your Federally
Insured Account:
Earnings Rate: The Earnings Rate means the non-interest earnings credit paid to an account in one year
and does not reflect compounding.

Daily Rate: The Daily Rate means the Earnings Rate divided by 365.
Federally Insured Account
Tier 1: – 14 = 0.05%
Tier 2: +15 = 0.50%
To receive the Earnings Rate within each Tier, you must meet the following criteria each calendar
1) You must use your debit card to make the number of purchases shown in each Tier (“Debit Card
2) Your Debit Card Purchases only count toward the calendar month in which they settle; and
3) Your account must be open and in good standing when the earnings credit is posted.
Each Debit Card Purchase will only count toward the month in which it settles as reported to us by the
card networks. ATM, certain cash back, and bank teller cash transactions are not counted as Debit Card
Purchases. Settled dates will be considered as the date reported by the card network regardless of time
zone or whether Daylight Savings Time is in effect. Debit Card Purchases may not settle for several days
following the transaction. The Earnings Rate that you are eligible for will be applied to your Federally
Insured Account for the entire calendar month.
The count of qualifying Debit Card Purchases resets each calendar month and the lowest Tier Earnings
Rate will apply. The number of Tiers, Earnings Rate, and qualifying criteria can change at any time
without notice.


Why use the F99 Bank Card?
The F99 Bank Card Account empowers you to optimally manage your cash. Rather than leaving your money in no/low interest bank checking and savings accounts, the F99 Bank Card Account enables you to optimize your returns on your cash. Multiple accounts provide flexibility to move money among a Federally Insured Account and investment accounts.


How is the F99 Bank Card Account able to pay much more than a traditional bank account?
A traditional bank benefits from paying you little to no interest on your money, and then lending that money at a higher interest rate: the bank makes a profit off your money. By contrast, the F99 Bank Card Account enables you to place your money in a Federally Insured Account and investment products, and you have the potential to earn higher returns.
How does the F99 Bank Card Account work?
1.Enroll in the F99 Bank Card Account by downloading the mobile app or visiting the website on your desktop.

2.Use your existing bank account or set up direct deposit to fund your F99 Bank Card.

3.If you like, transfer funds from your Federally Insured Account into investment accounts which may provide higher returns over time.

4.Use your F99 Bank Card like you would any other debit card – at stores, online, and at ATMs.

How do I use my F99 Bank Card?
You use your F99 Bank Card in the same way as a traditional bank debit card. You can use your F99 Bank Card to make purchases get cash, and pay bills. In all cases, you have immediate access to your funds.
How do I fund my F99 Bank Card Account?
You fund your F99 Bank Card Account in the same way as a traditional bank account: direct deposit, bank transfer, or wire transfer. Bank transfers are capped at $3,000 per transfer. Refer to the instructions in your app for direct deposit and wire transfers.
How long does it take to receive my card?
After you complete enrollment, you can expect your card to arrive in approximately 7 business days.
How do I manage my F99 Bank Card?
The account is self-directed. You decide how to allocate your funds among the various investment options based on your risk-tolerance and time-horizon. For instance, you might:

1.Keep 6 months of cash in the Federally Insured Account for routine expenses such as mortgage, rent, and utilities.

2.Set aside funds in the Short Duration Account for financial goals you want to achieve in the coming year, such as special purchases and holidays.

3.Invest funds in the Long Duration Account for next year or multi-year financial goals, such as education and retirement plans.

How are the earnings credits for the Federally Insured Account calculated and paid?
Earnings credits are paid out on the first day of each month. These credits accrue and compound daily in the Federally Insured Account.
How do I transfer funds between accounts?
Under the Manage Your Account menu, click Transfer Funds. Select the account that you wish to transfer from, select the account you wish to transfer to, then enter the amount you wish to transfer. Click Next to review your transfer, then click Confirm to initiate the transfer.
How secure is the F99 Bank Card?
Protecting your account information and privacy are F99’s priorities. The F99 Bank Card Account uses fraud prevention tools to help us verify your identity, which ensures that only you have access to your account. Furthermore, the F99 Bank Card Account also uses advanced encryption technologies as well as biometrics to guard the information sent between you and ICM.

General Questions

Who does F99 work with?
F99 works with ICM to offer Visa Debit Cards issued by Sutton Bank. F99 Bank Card Account investments are managed by SEC-registered asset managers.
Are my accounts federally insured?
Funds held in your Federally Insured Account are insured by the FDIC. Funds swept into your investment accounts are not federally insured and are subject to gains or losses.
Can the rate on the Federally Insured Account change?
Yes, the rate is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Are all of my funds invested?
All deposits are made to the federally insured account. Only the funds that you transfer to your investment accounts are invested.
Is there a cost to put my money into investment accounts?
There is no cost to you of placing funds into or taking funds out of the investment accounts. Each investment option contains its own fees and expenses. Please review their prospectus for specific fees. These fees do not include any advisory fees that may be included based on agreement between the account holder and a third party.
Can I lose money in invested funds?
Yes: all securities have a risk of loss; however, funds held in your Federally Insured Account are guaranteed against loss. You determine how much of your funds you want to transfer to the investment account.
When will my transferred funds be available?
Your transferred funds will be available within 2-4 business days to accommodate the settlement of securities. Your funds will be reflected in your total balance but not in your available balance. Wires will become available on the day that we receive the funds.
Can I use my card to pay at a gas station?
Yes. When you pay at the pump with your card, the gas station may place a hold of $100 or more on your funds. The hold typically expires in less than 24 hours.

All investments have the potential risk for profit or loss. Different types of investments involve higher and lower levels of risk. There is no guarantee that a specific investment or strategy will be suitable or profitable for an investor’s portfolio.