Building Economic Security for the 99%

At Foundation 99, we connect individuals with financial coaches and the tools they need to take care of their families.

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on economic justice for every community by providing quality financial guidance and equitable access to economic solutions for every employee who wants it.

Our Vision

Every working person in the United States has the support they need to make the best financial decisions possible to support themselves and those they care for so that their families and their communities are healthier and more secure.

Americans are in financial trouble

Predatory lenders have taken advantage of individuals and communities across the United States. Our communities are less healthy, less well-educated, and less financially secure because predatory lenders have drained economic, social, and political capital from working people. These companies provide misleading or factually inaccurate information and prey upon those that are the most financially or emotionally vulnerable.

Our approach

Everyone deserves equal access to financial assistance. We are here to help guide those willing to work towards a better financial future. Working alongside employers, we strive to provide financial consulting and relief options to help manage debt.

We approach each person’s financial situation with respect and understanding. Wherever you are starting from, we are here to help and provide the financial support you need.

How we help

Using the generous contributions of our donors, we partner with school districts, municipal agencies, and community organizations to deliver the services at no cost to the organization or the individual.



Foundation 99 is built on the belief that education is the cornerstone for financial success. We provide financial courses, live workshops, and individual meetings to help learn about money.



Our impartial Financial Coaches encourage conversations about money with the 99% and help create actionable plans to reduce debt, plan for an emergency, and prepare for life beyond working years.


Online Tools

We believe it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to create a budget. Our online tools make money planning easy and approachable.

Get in touch

Working together, we can make meaningful change and connect the financially vulnerable to the resources they desperately need.