About Foundation 99

Established in 2019, Foundation 99 is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to building economic security for the 99%.


Our Mission: We are a nonprofit organization focusing on economic justice for every community by providing quality financial guidance and equitable access to economic solutions for every employee who wants it.

How We Got Started

Foundation 99 was established in 2019 on the belief that education is the great equalizer and strengthening the ability for communities to have better financial discussions will improve the financial foundation for the 99% of Americans who are the foundation of this country.

Our organization is built on leveraging technology to promote financial conversations and understandings of a topic either not often discussed or not available to the majority of workers.

Improving financial literacy one household at a time

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Let’s bring change to your community

Working together, we can make meaningful change and connect the financially vulnerable to the resources they desperately need.