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Velocity 99

Velocity 99 is an immersive master internship program designed to identify, develop, and train the most diverse and inclusive generation of motorsports innovators, teams and leaders. , Foundation 99 developed this groundbreaking program, in partnership with Roush Performance, American Wheelman, and Ford Performance to offer real world STEM training under the mentorship of a professional sports car team.
Velocity 99 is designed to populate the paddock with a diverse team of interns and provide inclusive opportunities for aspiring engineers, technicians, statisticians, mechanics, mathematicians, marketers, leaders, team managers, and drivers. By competing in Velocity 99’s “24 Hour STEM Competition,” students are given the opportunity to compete for a paid internship with a professional race team that serves as a mentor group to the interns each season; the students work side-by-side with the team to nurture their skills, and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

S.T.E.M. and internship program designed and led by Foundation 99

The 24 Hour STEM Competition

In the spirit of endurance racing, Velocity 99 selects internship candidates through a timed endurance STEM competition, called the “24 Hour STEM Competition.” The competition is designed to challenge the innovative, problem-solving minds of high school and college students.

Job Placement Program

To many individuals, a career in the racing industry, or even a high level position in the automotive industry can seem unreachable. Every student who applies to participate in any of our programs, will have the option to submit a professional resume that we securely database for teams, OEMs, and large organizations.

We’re working on improving these alarming statistics.


of masters degrees awarded to African Americans are in a STEM discipline.


of the total workforce in a STEM discipline are minorities.


of high school graduates do not meet benchmark readiness for one or more college courses in math, science, reading, or English.

is the estimated size of the STEM workforce in the United States by 2024. Based on 17% projected growth since 2014. This accounts for approximately 7% of all US employment.


the amount of women in the US auto manufacturing workforce compared to about 47% of the overall labor force.


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