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Northside Independent School District Financial Literacy Program

Foundation 99 is excited to team with NISD to bring financial literacy tools and resources to all district employees.

Firstmark Credit Union is a proud sponsor of Foundation 99 for Northside ISD employees.

Empowering the shift of surviving to thriving for NISD staff.

Because financial dignity is for all.

Foundation 99 Impact ➔

 Northside ISD tackles financial stress with a holistic financial wellness

Like Northside ISD, many public schools are located in underprivileged communities and often have employees who are struggling financially because they just don’t have financial understanding or make poor decisions which harm them further often becoming victims of predatory lenders and other schemes.

NISD staff who do not have enough financial knowledge to make wise financial decisions need resources to bring change. These generational issues are set to perpetuate without someone in a family breaking the cycle. We are continuing to work hard to serve the unserved.

Through donations and grants, Foundation 99 provides financial education tools, resources and financial coaches at no cost to employees, employees a part of the NISD community.

How Foundation 99 helps the NISD community:

1:1 Coaching

Unbiased, confidential financial counseling for all staff members from certified coaches

Group Workshops

We conduct virtual and in-person group events focused on financial literacy initatives

Budgeting tools

We provide access to online apps and worksheets to help individuals plan/budget better

Online Community

We sponsor a Facebook group where members can get answers and support one another


Help us fund opportunities for communities like Clark County School District!

Foundation 99 is seeking partners, funding, and grants so we can provide financial coaches, resources and life-changing practices to communities like CCSD and beyond. To learn more how you can help, please contact us using this link.
Aaron Hennig, CPFC®

Financial Coach

Janett Tapia

Financial Coach