Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Advisor

If you already have a financial advisor or you’re meeting one for the first time, it’s important to be prepared. Before you meet with a financial advisor, you want to make sure you’re hiring the best person for you and your situation. In this course, we highlight the best questions to ask your financial advisor.

Get Insured: Protect Your Income and Assets

Financial security is vital to every person and their finances. It’s important to have a plan in place to protect your income and personal assets. This course will take a deep dive into how insurance can maintain your financial security and enhance your overall financial wellbeing.

Crash Course: Credit and Managing Debt

According to financial experts, the percentage of Americans in debt is around 80%. This course will examine the impact credit has on finances and how people can manage their credit with good management practices.

How Am I Invested in My Retirement Account?

Most jobs in the U.S. come with a retirement account. But how exactly do these accounts work? Join this course to discover how exactly investments work in retirement accounts.

Estate Planning Basics for Everyone

Estate planning is an important part of financial planning for 99% of Americans. Many people think estate planning is just for those who are super wealthy, but that just not true. Our Financial Coaches will help you understand why everyone needs a will and a plan in place just in case they expectedly pass away or become incapacitated.

Debt Collection: Know Your Rights

Debt collection issues can be challenging and can cause significant financial stress. You don’t have to face them alone. In this course, understand how debt collection works and discover your rights.

File Your 2023 Taxes Like a Pro and Maximizing Your Refund

Filing taxes shouldn’t be overwhelming. During February, we’ll cover tax filing tips to help you confidently navigate tax day and save you time and cash along the way. Get to know filing status, eligible deductions, and strategies for minimizing tax liabilities!

Negotiating a Car Deal While Interest Rates Are Sky-High

Whether your next car purchase is next month or next year buying a car is no small matter. FinPath shares tips to help you drive off the lot with confidence and feeling like a pro. Gain a deeper understanding of the new or used car-buying process: financing options, auto loans, interest rates, negotiations, and more!

Common Homeowner Mistakes and the Impact on Daily Finances

Own a home or plan to own one in the future? Join us as we cover how to care for your investment for years to come! Discover the financial ins and outs of the home-buying process: budgeting for a down payment, understanding mortgage rates, and how to manage ongoing expenses like property taxes and homeowners insurance.

What to Know About Your Workplace Retirement Plan

Wherever your are in your journey, we’ll cover tips to help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you want. We’ll explore the importance of setting retirement goals, estimating future expenses, and help you get comfortable with your employer-sponsored retirement plan so you can make the right decisions for life after your working years.

How to Balance Finances While Caring for Elderly Parents

It’s no secret being a caregiver is a big responsibility. We’ll share essential financial steps everyone should take when caring for those they love. You’ll gain insights into budgeting for caregiving expenses, understanding the financial implications of medical care, and managing the costs associated with caregiving responsibilities.